Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Restart in Amsterdam

Master in the Netherlands

               Despina is a sweet person, who knows to try hard, to start responsibly from zero and be motivating  for friends and people around her. She decided to change her life, choosing Amsterdam for studies. So, for the first time in her life, she bought a one-way ticket.

Name:   Despina Christodoulou           
Age:      24
From:    Piraeus, Greece
To:       Amsterdam         
For:      Master in Human Resources & Internship

1.      Why Amsterdam?

"For studies. For the high educational level and the cheap tuition fees. Amsterdam is definitely a mosaic of nationalities. I love it".

2.      The best thing to do with company.

Picnic in the parks …when the weather is sunny… Amsterdam is a green city and has lovely parks like Vondel park or Amsterdamse Bos".

3.      The best thing to do alone in the city.

"Cycling and running at the parks!!!!"

4.      What do you see from your window?

“A canal, ducks and business buildings.”

5.      What did you find impressive about the courses in the University of Amsterdam.

“Interesting topics I have never done before like Diversity in Organizations or Cross Cultural Management.”

6.      The song linked to your life in Amsterdam.

Lost in Amsterdam-  Pavlov Stelar. It reminds me of my fist days in this city…”

7.      A taste you will remember.

  “Cheese pesto !

8.     A new habbit that you loved.

smoking in the rain

     9. 3 to 5 words for Amsterdam.

“Picturesque, wooden, humid, multicultural, the area of Jordaan”

10.      Yourself living in Amsterdam.

            “active, evolving

11.  Something that you will you keep for ever.

the change that I made in my life in this city”

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


    I was glad to meet Katerina in Utrecht. It is impressive how she sees everything as a discovery and a new experience. She seems to deeply understand and feel the substance of the motto "carpe diem". 

Name: Katerina 
Age:   23
From: Heraklion, Crete, Greece
To:      Utrecht, Netherlands                         Area: deUithof
For:    5 great months


  1. Why Utrecht?

I’ve always wanted to live for a while in the Netherlands, because when I was 13 I’ve visited Amsterdam which I really liked. And I've heard great comments from friends been in Utrecht before... 

  2. The best thing to do with company.

Cycling, chatting, drinking beer, laying on grass or having BBQs (whenever the weather is ok). 
There is always something new and exciting happening when being around interesting people J

3. The best thing to do alone in the city.

Wandering around. Cycling in the narrow streets.

4. What do you see from your window?

Trees and grasslands with small canals crossing them. As the days go by you can watch the seasonal changes of Nature’s colors.

5. What do you find impressive about the courses in the University of Utrecht.

A totally different philosophy of what we are used in Greece.

6. The/a song linked to your life in Utrecht.

Little talks – By Monsters and Men

7. A taste you will remember.

Stroopwafel, speculoos spread and all different kinds of cheese to which I was addicted. 

8. 3 to 5 things that became your favourite routine in Utrecht.

Using the bicycle to go everywhere no matter the distance or the weather conditions, meeting new people every single day, going to the lab (sometimes tiring but still one of my favourite routine), going to the flee market in the city center every Saturday...

9. 3 to 5 words for Utrecht.

Cute, friendly, multicultural, students & bicycles. 

10. 3 to 5 words for you living in Utrecht.

More open-minded, happy, excited, calm.

11. Something that you will take with you.

A new way of thinking and addresses/phone numbers of people that I will never forget.