Friday, April 19, 2013

Living in Angers

Student in the French Province

Young Philologist. Before deciding to leave Greece for her master, she used to say that the crisis on social level had charged her a lot on personal level. So, the next station of her life,
 would be the small French city of Angers...

Name:  Jenny
Age:      25
From:    Piraeus, Greece
To:        Angers, France
For:       Master recherche lettres
University: Universit√© d’Angers

1. What do you see from your window? 

Mostly other roofs of other houses, beautiful picturesque picture, and trees (there is a lot of green). Its particularly interesting that clouds are very low, you think they’re just out of your window… that you can touch them.

2. Your basic academic interest. 

"Education on both levels of practice and research. The combination of the two is preferable."

3. The best thing about this University. 

"I adore the Library. It is a place that is really worthy being called a “Library”."

4. The hardest thing to get used to. 

"Meaning apart form the language? Then it is its accent!"

5. People of the city in 3 words. 

"Polite, helpful, distant."

6. Yourself, living there, in 3 words. 

7. Your new (daily) habbit.  

"Reading at the Library."

8. What is really missing from this city. 

"The lift. It is missing from the country in general I’d say."

9. Angers compared to Paris… 

"It is much more quite, it does not remind of the Parisien chaos. The cost of living is lower and there are interesting things going on in terms of culture and entertainment. It’s a student-city, so there is everything a student would need and in good prices."

10. International majorities in Angers

"At my University, Chinese and Polish."

11. The best thing to do with company.

"Going out at little bars or staying in with good wine and movies."

12. The song linked to your life in this city.

“Not something specific… as I observe myself, I see me listening to French music when I have a good mood, whereas I turn to Thanasis Papakonstantinou when I get melancholic… “

13. The taste

“It is something between camembert cheese and red semi-sweet wine.”

14. The reason why you wanted to go abroad. 

"The situation in Greece, the social crisis... Plus, I felt that I got all that I could get from Greek University. Apart from these reasons, generally I wanted to leave."

15. The most important virtue that education should transmit to children. 

"Learn how to learn and be able to make decisions."

16. Your furthest dream

"To teach children how to learn and make decisions." 

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