Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Studying Architecture in Torino

Una Greca in Italia

Maria was always sure about what she wants to do and never gave up chasing her dream. 
By the time she left Greece at her 18, she managed to find her balance 
between growing up and living alone.

 Name:  Maria Stergiou
 Age:      25
 From:   Piraeus, Greece
 To:       Torino, Italia
 For:      Architecture           in: Politecnico di Torino

1. The progress of your relationship with Torino.


"When I came here, everything was new and strange. It was too difficult for me to understand people and their culture, not because they are different from us-not at all-, but I was feeling like "detached" from my beloved city at a very young age. 
It was too early
However, I was observing the city (without admitting to myself that it was beautiful) and I started finding things to do that where making me happy, such as going on my bike for hours in the parks and hanging out with my friends, discovering bars and places. I was trying to make my new life similar to my old one and many times I achieved it. 
Now, I don’t know if I want to leave Torino. I love it. But every person that I love is in Greece or somewhere in Europe. I don’t know if I have to follow and who I want to follow."

2. In what way architecture changed your point of view?

 "It might sound silly, but architecture made me more sincere. With myself, with my relationship with the professors, with my parents, with my feelings. I was thinking: if I wanted to continue my studies in that unfamiliar city and spend my perents’ money, I had to decide if I really liked what I was doing. The only way to find it, was being sincere."

3. The hardest thing to get used to.

"The fact I didn’t have my family next to me, in every step I was doing. It was the first time I had to deal with everything on my own and I had to organize my life, my priorities and my desires. Discipline was too hard for me."

4. Your basic interest in the field.

"Architectural, eco-sustainable projects and restoration."

5. What would be your personal contribution in a better world through the art of architecture?

"Stop doing architecture! Or better, stop constructing. Architecture has not only to do with the concrete. Landscaping could be a more helpful way to make better this world. We need green, we need water, we need oxygen. We need our history and heritage. Restoration and renovation could be a solution."

6.International majorities in Torino.

 "Morrocans, Romanians, South-americans, Africans"

7. People of the city in 3 words.

" “Bon vivant”, competitive, superficial."

8. The song linked to your life there.

"“Love in Portofino”, Andrea Bocelli "

9. The taste.

"Fresh basilico and tomato."

10. The best thing to do alone in the city.

"Biking along the river, reaching the cliff and watching the whole city spreading in the horizon."


11. What is special about the University.

"The large number of workshops that give us the opportunity to practice on programs and become better at the presentation of projects."

12. Your new (Italian) habbit.

  "The Coffee, of course! And the “aperitivo” "

13. Your furthest dream.

"Become an upstanding architect and go back to Greece with my future family and work there. In an island maybe. Wherever near the sea."

14. The greatest thing you learned during these years in Italy.

"Patience, helping (me and the others) and loving whatever I am doing."

15. Your personal definition of “home”.

"Home is not only the house I was raised in anymore, but wherever I feel comfortable and full of love. Wherever someone tells me “Here, I prepared something for you to eat”. Wherever we talk for a while before we go to sleep and wherever the sheets smell like soap. Wherever there is someone waiting for me."

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