Sunday, October 14, 2012

Living in London

Imperial College master-student

<<Standing at the intersection between humanitites and science"

  Mark is simple and direct. Just like his answers. Knowing him personally, I could also say critical and “outright”. He lives in Camden Town, London, as a master-student. He has some impressive ideas that lie among technology, finance and culture. He lets his ambitions fly high, whereas he holds his feet  firmly on the ground.

Name:   Mark (Markos)
Age:     23
From:   Athens 
To:       London
For:     1. MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Imperial               
           2. MSc in Computing Science, Imperial.

1. Favourite area.
          "Parliament hill"

2. The best thing to do with company.
             "sit home, chill, talk"        
3. The best thing to do alone in the city.
            "Starbucks - wi-fi - looking around ".     
4. What do you see from your window?
           "The street opposite to my entrance"

         5. The best thing about the education you get.
                              "The name".

Imperial College

6. Is there an “Imperial attitude”?
     "Quite the opposite. There’s nothing Imperial. It’s a geeky engineering school where people are usually proud  to be there but modest".

7. The architecture of the city.
           "Fancy nonsense most of the times".

8. The song linked to your life in London.
            "You know my name – Chris cornell"

9. The taste linked to your life in London.

10. 3 to 5 words for people in London.
          "Cold but open-minded, boring sometimes".

11. 3 to 5 words for yourself living in London. 
                  "Productive, creative, often miserable..."

12. The hardest thing to get used to. 
            "Tube closes at 12. Give me a break".

13. Something that is just a rumor about London. 
            “ Full of culture “. People have no idea of real culture.

14. Something that you will keep forever.
            "The hard times and the effort. Being self- disciplined.

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