Sunday, December 2, 2012

Studying Music in Salzburg

Nefeli Mousoura. Piano Soloist.

Some people are just born to do or to become something specific. Like there is no other way than this. Nefeli carries the harmonies of music in her blood as if her veins are pentagrams.
                         Starting playing the piano from a very early age, she is now a soloist. Studying and performing classical music in the city of Mozart.

Age:   24
From: Piraeus, Greece
To :    Salzburg, Austria
For:    Bachelor of Piano 
       (concert pianist major)
     at the University “Mozarteum

1.      What makes you sure that the direction you followed in your life is your deepest desire?
"The feeling that I couldn’t live without it".

2.      Do you think that you were influenced by the musical background of your family?

"My  mom is a music-lover, and she was the one who introduced me to the classical music world, so I think yes, the family background was decisive".

3.      Your favourite artist.
"Maria Callas".

4. The most inspiring era of time.
"19th  century, I love romanticism! And of course, the greatest inspiration for me is always ancient Greece. Whatever it is, I always go back to this time of history".

5. What are the qualifications to enter your current school?  
   "A candidate needs to acquire already high level of piano performance, and one gets admitted after very demanding auditions…"

6. What is special about studying music in Austria
    "Its a really special feeling to study and live in a city where classical music was born. Here you understand so much the classical era of music, it’s the city itself, the buildings , the tradition, it’s the atmosphere, that inspires you so much, the  amazing feeling that you walk in the same streets, you see the same views, as Mozart did".

7. Your furtherst dream. 
   "To be able to transmitt  true feelings through my music,  to be able to create transcandental moments of  dreaming and true emotion. To be able to make just a bit more beautiful the life even of one person. Through Music".

8. What is missing form Austria?
 "Craziness  (but thank God musicians have more than enough!)".

9. The best thing to do with company in Salzburg
         "Making music!"

10. The best thing to do alone. 
      "Playing music, walking in the nature"

11. The people of Salzburg
       "Friendly and helpful".

12. The song linked to your life in this city.
"Music of Mozart".

13. The taste.

14. Your top moment of being a piano soloist. 
      "Every concert is different, and therefore a unique experience".

15. What you will keep forever.  
     "Memories full of emotions. Knowledge and wisdom that I got studing in this university and living in this city".

Mozarteum University

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