Saturday, November 16, 2013

From Catalonia to Australia

Swimming in the Tasman Sea

Marc is basically a swimmer and a surfer. Sport is an inherent part of his way of living. He moved to the seaside of Australia following his dream of having a calm, joyful life by the ocean, 
with its waves and sharks.

Name: Marc Pasqu├ęs
Age:    25
From: Barcelona
To:     Sydney
For:    Sport and work

1. Why Australia?

"I was thinking about moving from Barcelona in search of work, but the professional sport (swimming and surf) is also important for me. With these two variables, Australia is the place to be."


2. Your motivation for changing country.

"In Barcelona it has been pretty difficult to find a job, any job. Especially if you want to work in what you have studied… that’s an impossible mission! So let’s say that the job seeking was the main reason. At the same time I wanted to grow in my sportive career."

3. The most exciting thing about the city of Sydney.

"The ocean, the people, the life… the good life… the easy life!"

 4. The citizens of the city in 3 words.

"Easy going, close and helpful."

5. What do you see from your window?

"The beach, the Tasman Sea."

6. The most difficult thing to get used to in your new city.

"Being 17.000km away from my family."

7. What do you miss the most from Spain?

"My family, no doubt. And some friends of course!"

8. Your new habbit.

"The take away coffee, to wake up at 4.15am, the cider instead of beer…"

A reason why it worths waking up so early

9. Something new you found out about Australia.

"It’s pretty difficult to find an Australian here!! There’s a lot of Asian people!"

10. The experience of swimming in Australia. 

"Probably in Europe we have better pools… but the top ocean swimmers are here. There’s a great competitive and friendly atmosphere, and I have the chance to train with the top athletes of the world!"

11. The main reason you would choose to stay permanently in this country.

"It’s easy… I mean, it’s easy to live here. Life is focused on enjoying it, who wouldn’t like it?!"

12. Your furthest dream or future plan.

"I want to focus on my sport career the next few years. I would like to achieve my best results then, but at the same time I want to settle down in Australia."

13.  Your personal definition of “home”.

"I’ve been in so many places around the world. In few occasions I have felt that I was at home, but some years later I went back there and I saw that those places were not my home at all… why? Because I was missing the people with whom I enjoyed that place before. So for me, home is where I’m surrounded by those who I call family and friends, and where I can be myself."

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