Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alice in Denmark

Master in Copenhagen

Alice is building up her life with pictures and experiences from around the world. She chose to go abroad once again, choosing the beautiful Copenhagen for further studies.

Name:  Aliki
Age:     26
From:   Egaleo, Greece
To:       Copenhagen, Denmark
For:     Master in Film and Media Studies

1. Your motivation to go abroad.

"I have always enjoyed travelling and staying abroad. I have lived 6months in Germany and 3 months in Turkey in the past and I liked the experience so I thought why not once again?"

2. Why Copenhagen?

"I had applied for the University of Copenhagen because I liked the subject of the master but the main reason was that my best friend was already in Copenhagen." 

3. Your basic academic interest.

 "Both my bachelor and my master degree are based on Media and Communication. However, media is a broad field and I have not decided yet what interests me the most." 

4. Something special about the University of Copenhagen.

"One thing that surprised me in the beginning was the long term and frequent holidays. Except Christmas and Easter holidays there are free weeks during autumn or spring."

5. The best thing about the city.

"Biking in the city during spring. When the weather is nice Copenhagen becomes a totally different city. All the trees flourish and many people sit by the lakes giving the impression that the city has woken up after a long winter." 

6.The hardest thing you had to get used to.

"The weather and the fact that the sky in this city is most of the time grey."

7. The people of the city in 3 words.

"Helpful, Noisy, Distant."

8. The attitude of Danish people towards foreigners.

"Drunk or sober? I am joking. They are always helpful but it is too difficult to approach Danish people."  

9.What do you see from your window?

"As I live 25minutes from downtown there are not many blocks around my home so I see a forest."

10. The best thing to do alone in the city.

"The best thing to do alone is to visit and explore all the parts of Christiania and afterwards to sit at one of the bars and talk with the locals." 

11. Your new habbit.

"Always wearing hat, scarf and gloves. It is too difficult to survive without them especially when I am riding my bike, which is the second new habbit I have since I moved to Denmark."

12. Danish food.

"I know more about the Turkish restaurants in Denmark and specifically about ‘durum falafel’. The most popular Danish food is flaeskesteg, it is actually roast pork but I have not tasted it yet." 


13. The most beautiful city you’ve ever visited.

"Every city I have been to is beautiful in a different way but if I had to choose one I would say Istanbul. Many different people, many colors and flavors create a strange and nice atmosphere."        


14. Thoughts of going back to Greece.

"Although I miss Greece (more than I was expecting) I am not thinking of going back yet. I have more to see and to do."

15. Your furthest dream.

"Travelling around the world and making documentaries." 

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