Sunday, February 2, 2014

From California to Brazil

The Rio de Janeiro Experience

After living in a couple of European cities,  Lauryn, decided to spend some some time of her life in Brazil. The Brazilian positive energy made her love the country and its people. 
Having been to 3 continents, she now lives in New York City.

Name:  Lauryn Langston
Age:     24
From:   California, USA
Rio       De Janeiro 
For:      Learning Portuguese

1. Your motivation to go to Brazil... and why Rio de Janeiro.

"The first time I went to Brazil was to visit my best friend Marianna who studies at my high school for a year. At 18 years old, I went a 10-day trip to Rio de Janeiro to visit her. The moment I landed in Rio everything felt magical. The culture, the food, and most importantly the people; the people with their positive energy and smiles. Five years later, after traveling the world; I still called Brazil my favourite country I have visited. So I decided to return to Rio de Janeiro, but to study Portuguese. Januray of 2013, I returned."

2. Your basic interest the last years.

"I was studying Fashion in Europe then moved to New York City to start my career in Fashiom. I felt that I needed a break to clear my head so that is when I decided to go to Brazil to study Portuguese."

3. Yourself by the sea of Rio de Janeiro.

"My daily life in Rio othen than studying was to go to he beach. My favourite beach was Ipanema Beach near Posto 9 & 10. Me coming from California and the beach was my favourite place, but the beach life in Rio was different. I would go to school woth my bikini underneath my clothes, so that I can just study on the sand."

4. What is special about the city.

Month of Carnaval
“The energy of the people. For example, the hot days on the beach with vendors carrying heavy items such as food, clothes, jewelry, etc. and walking countless hours down the beach, but with a smile. So also have their personal shouts or sing to catch the attention of other but with such happiness. Also the colors, not just the beautiful patterns and colors of the clothes but the colors of the people. Everyone is mixed, which I find so beautiful and interesting. Traveling around the world, I haven’t witnessed such beautiful colors of skin tones, to hair color, to eye color.”

5. People of the city in 3 words.

"Love. Warm. Free"

6. The best thing about the local food.

"REQUIEJÃO!!! It is like a creamy cheese spread that I put on toast. That was my ultimate favourite. But the food is delicious, especially the Brazilian barbeque Churrasco"

7. How easy was for you to find company? The friends you made.

“Very easy. Other than my best friend Marianna and some others I met on from travels. For example, I met my friend Patrick just from a small conversation on the bus. We exchanged numbers instantly, then a week later I am spending a weekend in Angra dos Reis with 30 others brazilians at his vacation home for his birthday celebration. Within the hour, I felt so comfortable with everyone and we now all call each other the "Familia Angra".”

8. The best thing to do in the city. 

“The beach. But there are many things to do on the beach. Such as playing volleyball, football, train, surfing, swimming, and so much more. At night if you want to dance and listen to great brazilian music, go to Lapa. You can find different kinds of people all together. You can have beer on the streets then go to the bars or clubs and listen to live music and dance.”

9. One of the best memories in Brazil. 

"Climbing Pedra de Gavea. It was difficult, took 3 hours to reach the top. But once you reach the top you see the most beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro." 

10. Where do you see yourself in the future?

"I see myself living either in South America or Europe owning my business and living by the sea.”

14. What are you going to keep for ever. 

"The feeling of "love" that Brazil has given  and showed me". 

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